He was winning,
but he didn't see it
and I escaped - as usual.

-Levon Aronian

Under Pressure

By drunknknite
I finished the qualifier with 10/10, I did not end up playing the 11th game (incidentally against the highest rated player). But in spite of this I clinched the top seed from my group and have begun my match with Bill Case. I played 1.d4 in the first game. I also played this opening in the last game of the qualifier and scored a nice win. This game did not go so well for me. He played the Dutch, which I did not expect although I was not altogether unprepared. After an uninspiring opening I reached a roughly equal endgame and played very poorly, giving up my first loss at the Reno Chess Club in 2009. I completely lost the thread. It was a breakdown. I thought it would be pointless to go over the game until I am finished with the matches (or match if I cannot get out of this hole). I already know I can play better, it's stupid to look at how poorly I played, this will just be discouraging. I do not think the opening had much to do with the loss, I just didn't show up. Anyways, Game 2 is coming up tonight and I have the Black pieces. Down 1-0 with the Black pieces is a tough spot, especially considering it is only a 4 game match so I am already running out of time. He played well in the first game and I am just going to have to bring the A game out tonight. If I really believe that I can play at the master level then I need to be able to win games like this. Also if I win this match then in all likelihood I get a match with Garingo which I think everyone at the club has wanted to see (including us). I am very disappointed that I did not just lock down the half point in the first game. I was hallucinating. Anyways this was pretty much just a pity rant but hopefully tomorrow I'll have better news.

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